Distribution List Restrictions
Learn which settings determine who can view your link.
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Distribution List Restrictions

In some cases, you cannot share a MediaSilo Review Link with everyone in your distribution list. The following message appears when some recipients in your distribution list are removed:

This is either the result of your Review Link settings or your workspace settings.

Review Link Settings

The Share window includes three Access options: Public, Password protected, and Workspace users. If you select Workspace users, then you can only add existing workspace users as link recipients. If your distribution list includes any non-workspace users, these users are removed from the Recipients field.

Similarly, a user that only has internal sharing permission cannot share a link with any non-workspace users.

Workspace Settings

Administrators can access a setting called Allow access to all users in this account. This toggle is located under Administration > Settings > Users.

When this toggle is off, you can only share links with a user if you're both on the same project. If you select a distribution list that includes users you don’t share projects with, then these users will be removed from the Recipients field.

When this toggle is on, all workspace users can share links with each other, whether or not they are on the same project.

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