After you have shared a Review Link, you can still make changes to its settings without resending or creating a new one.

Update Links from the “Sent Links” Tab

You can view and edit your existing links without leaving Projects. First, open a project and click the arrow icon in the top left (next to the search bar) to open the left drawer. Then, click the paper airplane icon to open the “Sent Links” tab.

Here, you’ll find a list of your sent links; if you’re an administrator, you’ll see links sent by all workspace users. Use the sorting options or the search bar to find the link you need. You can search by link title or enter a specific link URL.

Hover over the link you want to edit, and click the three-dots icon. Then, select “Edit.” This opens a window, where you can change the access, expiration, download, or feedback settings. When you’re done editing the link, click “Save Changes.”

To add or remove files from a link, click the link you want to edit. This will show you the contents of the link. To remove a file, hover over the asset, click the options menu, and select “Remove.” You can add files to the link by dragging them from your project into the Sent Links tab.

Update Links via Feed

Find the Feed card for the link you wish to update, click the gear icon, and select “Edit Settings.” This will open the Share window, where you can adjust your link settings. To add files to a link, please use the Sent Links tab outlined above.

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