Enable MFA

As an administrator, you can require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for users to access your workspace. In this article, we will cover how you can turn on and turn off the MFA requirement on a workspace level. To learn how to enable MFA for your individual user profile, please see Secure Your User Profile with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Note that this feature does not apply to users who authenticate via SSO, as their login path and MFA options are governed by their SSO provider.

To enable MFA, go to the Administration page by clicking the gear icon in the left-side navigation bar. Then, click on the Settings tab.

Under Settings, you will find the MFA toggle in the Security section. Turn on the toggle to require that users log in with MFA to access your workspace.

If you have not already enabled MFA for your user profile, you will be prompted to do so. You must enable MFA on your user profile before you can mandate MFA for your workspace. Click here to learn more.

Once you turn on the MFA toggle, users will be required to have MFA enabled to access your workspace as well as Private Links sent from your workspace.

Disable MFA

As an administrator, you can disable the MFA requirement on your workspace by turning off the MFA toggle under Administration > Settings > Security. You are prompted to confirm this action by clicking the blue Disable MFA button.

Note that this will not change the MFA setting for any individual users. If a user has already enabled MFA on their user profile, this action will not disable MFA for that user. It will simply remove the MFA requirement for access to your workspace. Users can learn how to turn MFA on or off for their user profile by referring to this article: Secure Your User Profile with Multi-Factor Authentication.

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