The Collection Bin is a place to collect files that live across multiple projects and folders in your MediaSilo workspace. This allows you to share or download the files all at once.

To open your Collection Bin, click the bin icon above your workspace icon.

Then, add files to your bin by going to the project or folder where they are located, selecting the files, and then dragging them into the bin. To add files, you can lasso-select multiple files at once, or you can select them one at a time. The bin has a limit of 250 assets.

As an alternative, you can right-click on a file, and select Add to Bin from the options menu.

When you are done adding files to the bin, you can share the collection as either a Review Link or a Presentation, download the collection, or turn the collection into a playlist.

Click the "X" button at the bottom of the bin to clear it out. Keep in mind that removing files from the collection bin does not delete the actual files from your projects.

To remove an individual file from the bin, hover over the item and click the three-dots button at the end of the row. This opens an options menu where you can select View or Remove.

If a user does not have permission to share or download an asset, then they cannot share or download the asset from the Collection Bin either. For example, if the user does not have permission to share two of the assets in the bin, then they are notified of the restriction and allowed to remove the two assets before proceeding. This way, they only share the assets that they have permission to share.

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