This article will show you how to add users to a project and provide an overview of user types and roles in MediaSilo.

If you are an account administrator and you are interested in user management, including how to bulk-add users to your workspace, please see the Users section in our Administration article.

How to Add Users

Note that only project owners and administrators can add users and assign them roles.

To add users to a project, open the project and click the arrow icon in the top right.

This opens the right drawer. The first tab is dedicated to your project team and lists all current team members.

To add more users to your team, click the blue add-user button at the top of the tab.

This opens the “Manage Project Team” window. Here, you can enter the user’s email address or, if the user has already joined your workspace, you can enter the user’s name. Then, select a role for that user. Note that a user can have different roles on different projects. The next section in this article provides a deep dive on user types and roles.

Once you’ve selected a role, click the blue Invite button.

Note that you can also change a user’s role from the “Manage Project Team” window. Simply click the role next to a user’s name. Then, select a different role from the dropdown menu, which lists every role available on your workspace.

You can edit a user’s role on a project or remove the user from your project from the right drawer. Click the three-dots button next to the user’s name and select either “Edit Role” or “Remove.”

If you want to build your project teams without leaving the Projects home page, just click the three-dots button on a project thumbnail and select “Manage Team.”

User Types: Workspace-Level Permissions

A user can have different roles on different projects, but the user can only have one type per workspace. A user is either an administrator, a manager, or a user.

  • Administrator - An administrator has full access and permissions on every project in the workspace. An administrator can also edit a workspace’s settings. To learn more about the options available to administrators, please see our article about the Administration page.

  • User - A user’s access is determined by the permissions granted to them by an administrator or a project owner. For example, a user can have view-only permission on one project and sharing permission on a different project.

  • Manager - A manager is similar to a user; the only difference is that a manager has the added ability to create new projects in the workspace. Note that once a manager creates a project, they automatically become the Project Owner of the new project.

User Roles: Project-Level Permissions

In order to access a project on your workspace, a user must be assigned a role on that project. (If a user on your workspace is not assigned to a project, they will not see that project when they access their MediaSilo account.)

Roles are permission sets that determine a user's access level. Users can have different roles on different projects. MediaSilo offers both default and custom roles.

  • Default Roles - These are pre-made roles that come with every workspace and are based on industry needs. These roles may be modified or deleted by an administrator to meet your specific needs. These roles are: Uploader - An uploader can view assets and upload new ones; Asset Manager - An asset manager can view, upload, edit, delete, and share assets internally; Internal Collaborator - An internal collaborator can view, edit, and share assets internally; Public Collaborator - A public collaborator can view, upload, edit, download, and share assets both internally and externally.

  • Custom Roles - An administrator can create new user roles with custom permission sets for your workspace. To learn more, please refer to the Roles section in our Administration article.

The Project Owner Role

The person that creates a project becomes the project owner. A project owner is granted every project-level permission (uploading, deleting, sharing, etc.). Only a project owner or an account administrator can delete a project, modify watermark settings, invite users to the project, or modify a user's role within a project. Projects can have multiple project owners. Note that the project-owner role cannot be modified or deleted.

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