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Learn how to share files and choose your sharing settings.
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You can share a file, a folder, or any combination of files and folders as a MediaSilo Review Link, or as a branded Presentation. In this article, we will cover how to create a Review Link for review and approval, how to choose your link settings, and how to share files as a Presentation.

Share Files and Folders for Review and Approval

To share files in a Review Link, select the files or folders you wish to share, and click the paper airplane icon near the top-right corner of the page. As an alternative, you can right-click a file or folder and select Share > Review Link.

Note: To select a combination of files and folders, hold the Command key (on a Mac) or the Control key (on a PC) and click on the items you want to share. Then, click the paper airplane icon.

This opens the Share window, where you can choose your link settings.


Choose who can view your files by selecting one of three options from the Access menu:

  • Public: Anyone with the link can access the link and view its contents, whether or not they have a MediaSilo account.

  • Password protected: Anyone with the link has the ability to view the link if they know the password.

  • Workspace users: Only the workspace users you list in the Recipients section can view the contents of the link.

Expiration: You can set an expiration date, or set the link to never expire. At any point, you can un-expire a link or change the expiration date. To learn more, please visit our article on updating existing links.

Allow downloads: You can allow or restrict the ability to download assets from a link.

Enable feedback: When this toggle is on, viewers have access to commenting and annotation tools, so they can leave feedback. These tools are hidden when the toggle is off.

On this link only: This creates a private review session, where comments are only visible to people with the review link. When this toggle is off, comments are visible to any workspace user with access to the asset.

Notifications: Click the notifications button in the top-right corner of the Share window (next to the “X” button) to turn notifications on or off. When notifications are on, you are notified by email when your link is viewed. Note that you are still notified of comments and approvals whether this toggle is on or off.

For additional link settings, click the Advanced button at the bottom of the window. Here, you can edit the link title and message, which are displayed to your link recipients. To change the sort order of the files in your link, go to the Files tab. Here, you can drag and drop assets to rearrange them, or click the sort icon to choose a sorting option, such as sorting by title or size.

If you are sharing files from an unwatermarked project, you can go to the Watermarking tab to apply a watermark to your link. To learn more, please see Enabling SafeStream on a Review Link.

Once you have applied your link settings, click “Create Link.”

Your link URL is automatically copied to your clipboard; the URL is also available at the bottom of the Share window. You can start sharing the link URL with your audience, or click “Send Link” to email the link to specific recipients.

When you click “Send Link,” an email preview appears. Here, you can enter your email subject, message, and recipients.

If your review link contains multiple files or folders, then your audience views the content in a review gallery. Your brand logo is displayed at the top of a review gallery.

As an account administrator, you can upload your brand logo by going to Administration > Branding > Set Brand Logo. You only need to complete this step one time; once your logo is uploaded, it’s applied to every review gallery.

Share Files and Folders from the Collection Bin

The Collection Bin allows you to group files and folders from different projects and then share them all at once. First, click the Collection Bin icon toward the bottom of the left-side navigation bar. Then, start dragging files and folders into the bin.

You can also drag assets directly into the bin icon in the navigation bar. This icon displays the number of files and folders collected in the bin.

To share the contents of the bin, click the paper airplane icon along the bottom. You can share these assets as either a Review Link or a Presentation.

Share Files and Folders as a Presentation

In addition to a Review Link, you can share content in a Presentation. Presentations are focused on showcasing your work, so commenting and annotation features are not included.

When creating a Presentation, you can choose from a library of templates to present your work. A Presentation template automatically displays your brand logo at the top of the page. If you are an account administrator, you can upload your brand logo by going to Administration > Branding > Set Brand Logo. You only need to complete this step one time; once your logo is uploaded, it’s applied to all your Presentations.

To create a Presentation, select any files and folders you wish to include. Then, click the flame icon at the top of the page, or right-click and select Share > Presentation.

The Share window appears, where you can choose your access settings and expiration date. Select the template you want to showcase your work.

Templates are available in both dark and light themes. To learn how you can customize a template, please see our article Design Spotlight Templates.

Once you choose your settings, click "Get Link" to copy the link and start sharing the Presentation with your audience.

Share a Playlist as a Presentation

A playlist is a curated collection of assets that can include files, folders, or a combination of both. You can learn more about playlists here.

To share a playlist as a Presentation, open the drawer on the right side of the page, and go to the Playlists tab.

Then, click the playlist you want to share. This displays the contents of your playlist. Next, click the flame icon at the top of the list of assets.

This opens the Share window, where you can choose your Presentation settings and select the template you wish to use. When you are finished, click "Get Link" to start sharing your Presentation.

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