This article will show you options for viewing projects and assets, such as project favorites, custom thumbnails, and fit/fill settings.

View Your Projects

You can view your projects and assets in either list view or grid view. Switch between the two by clicking the toggle in the top right.

In list view, you can click the column headers to sort your projects by date updated, date created, or size. In addition, you can click the filter icon (next to the blue New Project button in the screenshot below) to choose your preferred way of sorting projects and the number of projects per page.

This menu also includes a search bar, where you can start typing a project's name to search by project title.

In grid view, each project can have its own custom thumbnail image. You can upload a custom thumbnail if you are a project owner or administrator. To learn how, please see the section Customize Your Project in our projects overview article. Note that in list view, a custom thumbnail is replaced by a standard file-cabinet icon.

Favorite Projects

You can "favorite" projects to keep your most active projects pinned to the top of the page.

To add a project to your Favorites, click the star icon on the project thumbnail, or select “Mark as Favorite” from the options menu.

To remove a project from your Favorites, click the star icon again, or select "Unmark Favorite" from the options menu.

The Project Tree

Once you open a project, you can still access a list of all your projects. Just click the arrow icon in the top left corner to access your project tree.

This view allows you to drag and drop files from the right side of the page into a different project on the left.

Click the options menu next to a project or folder in the project tree to create a new subfolder or to share, rename, or delete the project or folder.

View Your Assets

As with projects, you can click the toggle in the top right to switch between list and grid view. The list view inside of projects offers additional features, so you can browse your assets efficiently. Click the line next to a column’s name to resize the column, or rearrange the columns by clicking and dragging the column names.

To hide columns you don’t need, click the gear icon on the right. This opens a menu where you can turn columns on and off or reset the table to its default view.

Whichever settings you choose, MediaSilo will automatically save them, even after you log out.

To sort assets, click the sort icon next to the blue Add New button. This opens a menu where you can change your sorting preferences and select how many assets to view per page (25, 50, 100, or 200). If you’re in grid view, you can also select how large to display your asset thumbnails.

These viewing preferences will persist throughout the app.

As you navigate projects using the MediaSilo desktop app, forward and back buttons are available in the top left. If you are using the browser version of MediaSilo, you can use your browser's forward and back buttons.

Thumbnail Preferences (Fit/Fill)

To choose your thumbnail display settings, click your profile icon in the bottom-left corner, and select My Profile.

Then, click on Preferences on the left side. In the Preferences section, you’ll find the toggle Fill Asset Thumbnails.

When this is turned on, a thumbnail image fills the entire tile. Some parts of the thumbnail might be cropped out, depending on the dimensions of the image.

When Fill Asset Thumbnails is turned off, the entire thumbnail image will fit inside the tile. Depending on the dimensions of the image, this might result in black bars around the image. The following screenshots illustrate how thumbnails look when this toggle is on and off.

Fill Asset Thumbnails: On

Fill Asset Thumbnails: Off

Edit Poster Frame

To edit a video’s thumbnail image, or “Poster Frame,” click the three-dots button on the file and then select Advanced > Edit Poster Frame.

This opens a window where you can scrub through the video, find the frame you want to use as a thumbnail, and click "Select Frame."

You can also upload your own custom thumbnail image by selecting “Upload Poster Frame.”

Asset Options Menu

You can right-click an asset to view a list of available actions, or click the three-dots button to open the same options menu.

When an asset is selected, you can perform certain actions by clicking the icons along the top right corner of the page. These icons are a paper airplane for sharing a Review Link, a flame icon for sharing a Presentation, and a download button.

HD Button

When a file is uploaded to MediaSilo, we create proxies to ensure smooth playback on different browsers and devices. If the "HD" button is on, this means the highest quality proxy available is playing. If you turn off the HD button, the standard quality proxy will play back.

To learn more about proxies, please see our article on Uploading Web-Playable Files.

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