At Shift Media, our goal is to simplify and accelerate the way you handle review and approval. That's why we partnered with Adobe to integrate the core functions of MediaSilo with Photoshop.

Install the MediaSilo Extension

To install the MediaSilo Extension, please see How to Install the MediaSilo Extension for Your Adobe Apps.

Import Files from MediaSilo

You can browse your MediaSilo projects, folders, and assets from the MediaSilo panel or use the search bar at the top. If you have access to multiple workspaces, you can switch between them by clicking the workspace name at the bottom of the panel.

To import an asset from MediaSilo to Photoshop, hover over the asset and click the download button.

Share Your File via MediaSilo

When you're done editing your file, you can export the file from Photoshop to MediaSilo and share the file as a MediaSilo Review Link without ever leaving Photoshop.

First, click the Export Document button at the bottom of the MediaSilo panel. Be sure to save your Photoshop file before exporting.

Once you choose a title and upload location, you can click the blue Export button to export the file and automatically upload it to MediaSilo.

If you want to share the file as well, enter emails or user names in the Recipients field. Then, click Export and Share. This will share the file as a MediaSilo Review Link. Note that sharing is optional. Leave the Recipients field blank if you just want to upload your file without creating a Review Link.

Export as a New Version

To export your file as a new version of an existing file, hover over the existing file and click the version icon in the middle.

This will open the Export modal, where you can choose your export settings and, if you are sharing the file, your Review Link settings.

View Feedback

The MediaSilo panel is organized into two main sections: Projects and Shared Documents. Click the envelope icon in the bottom-left corner of the panel to access Shared Documents. Here, you will see any items that you shared via the MediaSilo panel. The number at the end of each row indicates how many comments have been made. You can click the arrow button to open the Review Link in a browser window.

Update the MediaSilo Extension

We periodically update the MediaSilo Adobe Extension to add new features and resolve bugs. You can download the latest version in Adobe Creative Cloud or from this page.

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