At Shift Media, our goal is to simplify and accelerate the way you handle review and approval. That's why we partnered with Adobe to integrate the core functions of MediaSilo into their leading NLE, Premiere.

Install the MediaSilo Extension

To install the MediaSilo Extension, please see How to Install the MediaSilo Extension for Your Adobe Apps.

Import Files from MediaSilo

Once you have activated the MediaSilo extension, you can browse your projects and assets within the panel. Use the search bar at the top of the panel to find a particular project, folder, or file. If you have access to multiple MediaSilo workspaces, you can switch between them by clicking the workspace name at the bottom of the panel to open the workspace switcher.

To import an asset from MediaSilo, hover over the asset and click the down-arrow icon. Note that selecting a versioned asset will only download the most recent version.

The file will be available in whichever bin you most recently accessed, so you can drag the asset into your sequence and start editing.

Share Your Sequence as a Link

Once you have completed editing your sequence, you can share it as a MediaSilo Review Link without ever leaving Premiere.

Start by hitting “Export Sequence” in the MediaSilo panel. This will open a Share window similar to the one used in the MediaSilo desktop and browser apps. You can set a link title, description, audience, and password.

You will also select a destination project where your sequence will be uploaded before it is shared. This is automatically set to the last project where you uploaded a sequence. To change the destination, start typing the project name in the box. Projects from your workspace will be autosuggested.

Hit “Export and Share” to finalize these settings and share the sequence. This will trigger a multi-step process that happens automatically: Adobe Media Encoder will open, render the sequence, upload the exported file to the designated project in MediaSilo, and share it to your intended audience.

Import Comments

When you share a sequence as a Review Link, you can import any comments made in the Review Link. First, click the envelope icon along the bottom of the MediaSilo panel. This opens the Shared Sequences section, which lists any sequences you have shared as Review Links from the MediaSilo extension.

The speech bubble icon indicates the number of comments that have been made. Click the marker icon next to the speech bubble to import the comments as markers on your timeline. Hover over each marker to display the corresponding comment.

Export a New Version

You can export a file as a new version of an existing file. First, hover over the existing file, and then click the version icon in the middle.

This opens the Export Sequence window, where you can choose your export settings and create a Review Link. Click the Export button to upload your sequence as a new version of the file you selected.

Exported File Information

When you export files from the MediaSilo panel, Media Encoder uses the following file settings by default:

Codec: h264

File Type: mp4


Constant Bit Rate

You can choose different settings from the Encoding Preset menu in the Export window. Click "Choose a custom preset" to select your own preset.

Updating the App

We periodically update the MediaSilo Adobe Extension to add new features and resolve bugs. You can download the latest version in Adobe Creative Cloud or from this page.

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