MediaSilo offers full-fledged review and approval for supported document types, along with videos and images, to assist in the feedback process. These features include highlighting, searching the document, on-document drawings, and threaded comments. You can also search and filter these comments to better organize feedback.


To comment on a document, click the "Add Comment" button along the top of the page.

This will open the login window.

If you are creating an account for the first time, select "Create a new MediaSilo Account." Enter your name and email address to create a user profile, which you can then use to comment on any future links. Activate your account by clicking through the new-account email you receive.

You can also create an account by logging in with Google, Slack, Apple, or Microsoft authentication.

For SSO users, select the “Sign in with MediaSilo option” to go through your company’s login screen.

Annotate Documents

Annotation options include highlighting, strikeout, text boxes, shapes, and freehand drawing. You can link a comment to each type of annotation.

To leave a comment, start annotating the image. This will display a commenting field in the right drawer.

In addition, you can highlight individual words or phrases and bring up the annotation tools.

Search Documents

The search feature allows you to find individual words or phrases that may require attention throughout the document. You can refine the search by either making it case sensitive or a whole-word search.

Comment Functionality

Comments can be filtered, searched, and sorted, regardless of the size of the document or the number of comments. Select the filter option to show only comments by a specific author or type.

Select "Sort by" to show comments in your preferred sort order instead of the default order of page number and placement on the page.

In-Project Asset Commenting

You can also leave comments on an asset directly from your MediaSilo project, without creating a review link. First, go to the asset and click the blue “Review Mode” button along the top of the page. This will launch a review screen with all your annotation and commenting tools.

Who Can See My In-Project Comments?

The comments you make in Review Mode are visible to other workspace users with access to the asset. Your comments are also visible in review links that feature this asset. In addition, any comments made in the review links will appear in your in-project comments section, providing you with one centralized place for all your feedback.

If your workflow requires a private review session, you can create a review link and turn on the toggle “On this link only.” This way, comments made in the review link are only visible to people with access to the review link, and comments made in the review link will not appear in your MediaSilo project when you enter Review Mode.

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