The "Import" button lets you copy files from a Review Link directly to one of your projects. This way, you can add files to a project without having to download them and then upload them yourself.

You can import files from a Review Link to any of the MediaSilo projects where you have upload permission. This import option is only available if the link sender has enabled downloading on the link.

To start importing, open the Review Link and click the Import button in the top-right corner.

This opens the Import Files window, where you choose the workspace, project, and folder where you wish to import the file. You can select "Create New Folder" from the folder menu to import the files into a new folder.

If a Review Link contains multiple files, the Import option is also available in the top-right corner of the review gallery. You can select and import a single asset from the gallery, or select multiple files to import.

The import option is not available for folders, the files inside a folder, or watermarked files. If downloading is enabled on the link, you can still download these files to your computer and then upload them to a project where you have upload permission.

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