Install the MediaSilo Extension

The MediaSilo Panel is available for free on the Adobe Exchange website:

Once you acquire the MediaSilo extension, you can install it by logging into Adobe Creative Cloud and navigating to Stock & Marketplace > Plugins > Manage plugins.

Next, open your Adobe app, such as Premiere Pro, and find the MediaSilo extension under Window > Extensions. The following section will show you how to activate the extension.

Open the MediaSilo extension in Premiere Pro.

Activate the MediaSilo Extension

Once you install the MediaSilo extension, you need to activate it before you can access your workspaces and projects. The screenshots below feature Premiere Pro, but you can follow the same steps in After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

If you haven't already opened the MediaSilo extension, go to Window > Extensions > MediaSilo. When you open the MediaSilo extension, an activation code appears. Enter this code by visiting in your web browser.

The MediaSilo panel displays an alphanumeric code that you enter in your browser.

If you are already logged into MediaSilo, the activation page appears in your web browser, where you can enter your code. If you are not logged into MediaSilo, log in as you normally would, and then enter your code.

Open the URL in your web browser, and enter your code.

A "Success!" message confirms you have activated the MediaSilo extension.

After you enter your activation code, the MediaSilo extension automatically refreshes and displays all your MediaSilo projects and assets, so you can start browsing, importing, and exporting files.

The MediaSilo extension refreshes to display your MediaSilo projects.

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