Welcome to MediaSilo, the platform to organize, secure, and share your media.

Once you log in, you’ll land on the Projects screen. Use the left-side navigation to visit other parts of the app.

Add Your Team

Start by creating a Project in the Team tab. You can invite users to your workspace by email and assign them roles on the project. Your teammates will receive an email invite to your project. Users can have different permissions sets on different projects.

Upload Your Content

Projects are where you can organize all of your videos, images, audio files, and documents. Once you’re inside a project, drag and drop files right onto the screen or a folder, or select “Upload Files.” You can upload single files, batches, and folders.

To move assets, open up your left-side drawer to reveal the folder tree. Drag and drop files directly into a different folder or project to move or copy them in one simple step.

Share Your Files

In Projects, select the files you want to share and click the Share icon in the top-right.

In the sharing wizard, choose your audience, privacy settings, and expiration. Toggle on “Request feedback” to invite recipients to comment on and approve files. You can also enable downloads and choose to receive email notifications of Link views. Hit “Share” to send an email or “Get Link” to copy the link to your clipboard.

Review and Approve Files

Links can be opened anywhere you use MediaSilo — web, desktop, or mobile. The review screen was designed for easy real-time collaboration, so your team can give specific feedback, approve work, and share with others to review.

If feedback is enabled, give time-coded comments using the toolbar below the file. Use the brush tool to draw on-screen.

In the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see your Link audience at the top, with a green circle around users who are online. Comments appear in the comment panel, where users can reply or resolve comments. Only you can edit and delete your own comments. You can also export comments and drawings as a text or spreadsheet file.

When you’re ready to approve a file, click the Thumbs Up icon.

In the Playlist, you can see the different files within the Link, and in the File Info tab, you can view metadata like description and size.

Track Your Feedback in Feed

Your Feed is designed to consolidate all your review links in one place, so they’re not lost in your email inbox. Here, your recipients will find all the Links they’ve been sent or that they’ve created. They can use the filters sidebar to narrow down by sender, workspace, or platform.

On each Feed card you’ll find the sender, title, and time sent at the top. Hover over the thumbnail to see the total number of files in the Link. When items are updated with approvals or comments, you’ll see a snapshot here.

Click the Feed card to open its review screen.

Now that you’ve set up your workspace and shared your first file, it’s time to explore the rest of MediaSilo. Watch our other videos to learn about tracking link analytics, publishing branded sites, and watermarking your content, all within MediaSilo.

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