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MediaSilo for tvOS is supported on 4th and 5th Generation Apple TV: tvOS versions 12 and above.

Downloading the MediaSilo App

In the Apple TV App Store:

1) Search for and install the MediaSilo TV app.

2) When you open the app, you will be prompted to enter a code at Go to this URL on your computer browser. If you are not already logged into MediaSilo, you will be prompted to log in before viewing this activation page.

3) On your computer, enter the code that appears on your Apple TV. A “Success!” message will appear. You will also receive an email notification that activation was successful. 

Navigating the MediaSilo App

Once you successfully install and register the MediaSilo app on your Apple TV, your TV will automatically refresh to display your MediaSilo Feed. 

Select an item to view it in full screen on your TV.

If the item has multiple versions, a menu will allow you to select which version you would like to view. 

If you open a file type that cannot be viewed on your Apple TV, such as a zip file, a message will ask you to visit on your computer to access the file.  

Expired Content

Once a link has expired, the word “Expired,” followed by the expiration date, will appear on the feed card. Clicking the expired feed card will have no effect. 

If a share will expire within the next fifteen days, the word “Expires,” followed by the date, will appear on the feed card. If a share does not expire within the next fifteen days, then no expiration date will appear on the feed card. 

Signing Out

To sign out, swipe up and select your avatar in the top right corner of the screen. Click “sign out.” Once you are signed out, the activation screen will reappear on your TV. 

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