What is MediaSilo?
How can MediaSilo improve your workflow?
Written by Apolline Croze
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MediaSilo is the all-in-one platform for video teams, allowing you to manage, share, review, and present video projects — all in one place.

Manage Assets

Save time with blazingly fast file uploads that let you get everything stored and ready to use. Simplify and accelerate your team’s creative process with intuitive folder navigation, rich search and tagging, adjustable expiration, and flexible user permissions. Keep assets current and update versions with trackable changes that ensure everyone always has the most current materials at their fingertips. Manage dailies, stills, scripts, storyboards, and sound files all in one secure location.

Collaborate with your Team

Streamline the review process by making feedback fast, flexible, and clear. Use on-screen drawings, sketches, or diagrams in your notes to ensure your point comes across distinctly. Collaborate, brainstorm, and connect with your entire team in real time. Access the cloud-based MediaSilo platform from anywhere through any web browser or our proprietary desktop and mobile applications. Enable private or password-protected external review links that allow outside collaborators to interact with your team at no additional charge. Or limit comments to a select group of users to keep feedback confidential.

Present your Work

Create customized, branded digital experiences to showcase your content the way it was meant to be seen. Build bespoke pages, pitch decks, and micro-sites. Design anything you can imagine with personalized looks and templates. Automate digital assets to update your content as new files are uploaded and old ones are replaced. Share access with specific users by password, or to a wider audience with open access. Review audience insights to see what content gets the most views and engagement.

Trusted Security

Take advantage of the most effective theft-deterrent measures available by placing tamper-resistant, user-specific SafeStream™ watermarks on your content. Our customizable visible watermarks and invisible forensic watermarks allow you to trace video leaks to the users who downloaded them. Ensure only specific users can access your content with our password-less login and multi-factor authentication. Generate one-time links that verify user identity and grant automated secure access to complete the login. Share content securely with private expiration-dated links, and customizable, role-based user permissions.

Data-Driven Insights

See how your videos are performing in real time with one central dashboard. Measure engagement and content performance, review user access logs, monitor drop-off points, and see which files and users are most active. Export your data in a variety of formats. Understand viewer behavior by tracking user and asset activity across review links, presentations, and micro-sites. Track review links to see comments, approvals, and views.

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