Our mobile app – MediaSilo Go – is supported on both your phone and tablet. This article will show you how to access your MediaSilo workspace, review and approve content, and share files from your tablet or mobile device. You can download the app here.

Log into MediaSilo Go

Open the MediaSilo Go app, and enter the email address associated with your MediaSilo account. You will receive a login link in your email inbox. Tap the login link to finish logging into MediaSilo Go.

If you receive emails in the Outlook mobile app, your Outlook settings might result in a login error. To ensure a smooth login experience, turn on the option “Use Default Browser” in Outlook. To learn more, please see the article Log into MediaSilo Go from the Outlook Mobile App.

As an alternative to entering your email address, you can tap one of the icons below the email field to log in with your Google, Apple, Slack, or Microsoft account.

Review and Approve Files

Once you log in, you’ll see your Feed. The Feed collects the links you’ve sent and received. Your newest links appear at the top.

Swipe right in the Feed to display Filters, so you can find links from specific people and workspaces.

Tap on a feed card to view the contents of the Review Link. If the link contains more than one file, you’ll see a review gallery with thumbnails for each asset.

If the link sender has requested feedback on a video, tap the speech bubble in the bottom right corner to add comments and annotations. (If you don’t see a comment bubble, then the sender has not requested feedback.)

In commenting mode, you can enter comments at specific timecodes and draw annotations directly on the screen. Change your brush color by tapping the circle in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the eraser icon to undo your brush strokes.

Your comments, and the comments made by others, are displayed below the video player.

Tap the thumbs-up icon to approve the file. While you can approve all file types in MediaSilo Go, you will need to visit MediaSilo on a browser or the MediaSilo desktop app to leave comments on an image, document, or audio file.

View Files Offline

To view files in MediaSilo Go while you are offline, tap the options menu in the top-right corner of the review page.

Then, choose Download.

A progress spinner will appear in the navigation bar, followed by a checkmark when the download is complete.

Access your downloaded files by tapping the up and down arrows in the navigation bar. Now, you can view your downloaded files when you are no longer connected to the Internet. Note that while you are offline, you are unable to approve or comment on files.

Save Files to Your Device

Downloading a file for offline viewing in MediaSilo Go does not download the file to your device. To save a file to your device, you must first download the file for offline viewing. Then, go to the Downloads page and tap the options menu next to the file.

Next, select Save to Device. This option is only available if the link sender has enabled downloading on a link.

Share Folders and Files

You can access your MediaSilo projects by tapping the file-cabinet icon in the navigation bar. To start sharing folders and files, open a project or folder, and tap the paper airplane icon in the bottom right.

Now, select the items you want to share. Tap the share icon again to open the Share window. To share a folder, tap the three-dots icon on the folder icon, and select “Share Folder” from the options menu.

In the Share window, you can edit your link title and description and choose your Access type. Under Settings, you can choose to allow downloads, enable feedback, and receive view notifications. Tap Expiration to view a calendar and select a date.

Once you’ve chosen your link settings, tap “Create Link.” Now you’re ready to share your link. Tap “Copy Link” to copy the link URL, or tap the blue “Send Link” button to share the link directly from MediaSilo Go.

Once you tap “Send Link,” enter your link recipients. You can also edit the subject and message that will appear in the notification email you send. Tap the blue “Send Link” button when you are done. Your recipients will receive a notification email that includes a “View Link” button.

In addition to Review Links, you can also share asset, folder, and project URLs with other members of your team. Start by tapping the three-dots button on a thumbnail and selecting “Copy [Asset/Folder/Project] URL.” Now, you can paste the URL in your go-to email or messaging app and share the link with other workspace users who have access to the corresponding asset, folder, or project.

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