Login Links perform several silent detections to ensure the security of your access to the system. Here is how to understand a few common error messages:

One being that the Login Link is "invalid." In this case, you may have opened the link in a browser that is different than the one you requested it in. For example, if you requested the link in Safari but attempt to open it in Google Chrome, it will give you this message. This is due to the fact that we use cookies to track the browser you are using.

This is also the same for mobile-to-computer users, such as requesting a link from your phone and trying to access it on your computer and vice versa.

Another message could be that the Login Link is "expired." The reason for this is that the link was accessed after the 20-minute expiration. We keep a time limit on these links to help keep your files safe and secure. If you see this message you will need to request another one to be able to login. 

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