MediaSilo allows you to rearrange folders within a project by dragging and dropping them.

You can also move folders to a different project or within the same project by using the project tree on the left.

You can move or copy assets between projects, too. Copying assets from one project to another creates a new reference and does not consume additional storage.

To move or copy an asset between projects, open the project tree, and then click and drag the asset into the desired project.

A message will ask whether you would like to move or copy the asset.

Note: Copying a file with multiple versions only copies the most recent version.

MediaSilo also allows you to group assets into a new folder. First, select the assets you would like to group by either lasso-selecting with your mouse or using Control on your keyboard to select multiple assets.

Once you have selected the assets, click the downward arrow next to the blue Add New button, and select New Folder.

Name your folder, and click Create.

The files you selected will be moved to the new folder, and a confirmation message will appear.

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