Upload Specifications

MediaSilo is primarily used for sharing proxies. Therefore, our system has a limit of 30 GB per file. All files must have a container (e.g. be named "Video.mp4" and not "Video") and must be a supported type from the list below.

Audio files can contain multiple audio tracks, but MediaSilo can only support 1 channel per track.

Supported File Types

MediaSilo supports a wide range of different file types, including many of the most common video, audio, image and document formats, as well as archive files. 

MediaSilo does not support project files (e.g. .aep, .prproj), nor does it support raw formats (e.g. .r3d). The below are supported for preview:

Video Extensions

Audio Extensions

Image Extensions











Document Extensions

Archive Extensions

Other file types, containers, and extensions can be uploaded for transfer through MediaSilo but will not generate previews.

Supported Video Codecs

Supported Audio Codecs

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