MediaSilo integrates with a wide variety of Single Sign-On (SSO) providers, such as Okta, ADFS, and PingFederate. This feature is only available at the enterprise level. To set it up, contact the Customer Solutions team, who will handle the integration process.

Once set up, SSO allows you to manage a mix of users who use your SSO system and those who use MediaSilo credentials (e.g. freelancers) on the same workspace.

When a user attempts to log into your company's workspace, MediaSilo will automatically detect whether SSO is required for users on that email domain. MediaSilo will then transform the "Send Login Link" button into a button that is customized for your company. 

Once logged in, the user will be able to seamlessly switch between every workspace they have been granted access to. For example, if a company has two workspaces - one for all of the Scripted Series, and one for the Unscripted Series - and an IT employee has access to both, they will be able to log in once with their SSO credentials to view both workspaces. 

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