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MediaSilo GO App

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017 11:27AM EST

The new MediaSilo GO app is now available in the App Store.

MediaSilo GO keeps track of all QuickLinks sent to a registered email address in a single QuickLink feed. Reviewing, Commenting on, and Downloading your QuickLinks on an iOS device has never been easier.

Enabling Push Notifications:
Before registering your email address, MediaSilo GO will ask if you would like to enable Push Notifications so that you are notified any time a QuickLink has been sent to you.



Push Notifications can be managed under your iOS Settings > MediaSilo GO > Notifications.


Registering an Email address:
In order to sign in, you must register the email address you receive QuickLinks at with MediaSilo GO.



MediaSilo will send a confirmation email that must be opened on your iOS device in order to complete the registration process.

QuickLink Feed Overview:

MediaSilo GO opens into your QuickLink Feed which is a list of all the QuickLinks sent to your registered email address.



QuickLinks that are Private or have a Password will have a lock icon and unopened QuickLinks will have a Green label:



In the lower menu bar, you will also see the number of comments a QuickLink has, as well as the message that was sent with the QuickLink. You will have the option to Delete the QuickLink from your feed or Mark it as Read by selecting the ellipses in the lower right corner:



Multi-Asset QuickLinks will display the first 10 assets in the QuickLink feed view, with an option to view more. Clicking on any thumbnail will open the QuickLink. A password will be required if the QuickLink has been password-protected by the sender.




Playback and Review:

Within a QuickLink, select any file to preview. Video files will load into our custom player, with options to skip forward or backward by 10 seconds.



Select the Reviewer Mode in the lower right to playback the video with the comments made.



Commenting and Approving:
If Commenting has been enabled on a QuickLink, Viewers will have the option to “Enter a comment” or "Approve" the asset.




When you Favorite a QuickLink , it will appear in your Favorites View and the Favorite icon will remain highlighted to indicate that the QuickLink has been favorited:



Select the Download icon and all the files associated with the QuickLink will download locally to the Download View, where files can be played back while Offline. The Download icon will remain highlighted to indicate the QuickLink has been downloaded:



Downloads can be Paused, Cancelled, or Deleted from the Download View at any time.




Searching QuickLinks:
Whether you are in the QuickLink Feed, Favorites View, or Downloads, MediaSilo GO allows you to Search by QuickLink Titles, File Titles, or the Sender Name:



Updating My Profile:
Users can update their names, streaming and download preferences, and also Deregister their device by selecting their Initial in the Upper Righthand corner of the app.


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