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Watermarking Your Projects

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2016 11:42AM EST

If Watermarking has been enabled on your account, Project Owners and Administrators will have the option to Watermark entire all video files that live a project. Non-video files will not be watermarked. Only the watermarked proxy is available for download to users with the Download permission on the projects.

1) Select the Project Tile of the project you wish to watermark and navigate to Watermark Settings in the Gear Icon on the right-side panel:


2) The Watermark Settings Wizard opens, and you will have the option to add 3 types of Watermarks: Name, Email Address, and Custom Text

3) After selecting +Add, drag the Watermark text box into the desired location and control its Opacity and Text Size in the lower left corner.


For Custom Watermarks, a Custom Text field appears.


4) Once the desired Watermarks are in place, select Save in the lower right and all assets within the project will update to include your newly added Watermark


5) When a file has finished updating, you can play-through.

6) Currently watermarked files draw in a user’s Name and Email Address and, therefore, they can only be shared in Private QuickLinks and viewed within a MediaSilo account. To Remove Watermarks or Edit Watermarks, return to the Watermark Settings Wizard on the project and Save any changes made.

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