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Setting up Slack Integrations

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016 07:10PM EDT

You will need to be a MediaSilo Administrator to setup Slack Integrations.

Slack is a messaging application that MediaSilo can seamlessly be connected to. This makes it possible for you to be notified, on your Slack chat channels, when an event happens within your MediaSilo account.

Setting Up Your Slack Integrations:
To get notified of account activity in your Slack channels, go to the Integrations panel in your MediaSilo Administration page and select the Add + button to the right of the Slack icon.

A Slack Integration Channel will open where you can:

  • Select the event you wish to be notified about in Slack
  • ​Set Project Filters for specific Projects or all Projects in which the event occurs

To complete the integration, you will need an Incoming Webhook URL from your Slack Account:

1) Go to Apps & integrations in your Slack Account

2) Select Configure, Custom Integrations, and Incoming Webhooks on the Slack Integrations page:

3) Select Add Configuration

4) Choose the Slack Channel you wish to get notifications from, Copy the Webhooks URL, and select Save Settings

To complete the Integration, paste the Webhooks URL into your MediaSilo Slack Integration Channel and hit Save (watch sample video below):

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