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Slow Uploads and Upload Errors

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2017 08:36AM EST
Slow Uploads:
MediaSilo's Fast Uploader does not throttle upload speeds and makes use all available bandwidth.

If Upload speeds are slow, we recommend being hard-wired into an ethernet connection and checking to see if your network traffic is high and being used by your other team members.
Upload Errors:

An Upload Error will be thrown if the file uploaded does not meet our File Upload Specifications or Supported File Formats.

Additional error messages that you may encounter:

Your device dropped its internet connection during upload or the source file was
renamed during upload


You were logged out, the device fell asleep, or you had a session time-out 

If your Upload window is blank or empty, this is most likely due to an ad-blocking extension or plugin you have on your browser. Switching browsers, disabling the ad-blocker, or whitelisting the Upload window address will resolve the issue.

If you experienced an upload error, make sure to narrow down the issue by:
  1. Checking your internet connection
  2. Trying the upload from a different browser
  3. Trying to upload a different file
  4. Trying to upload from a different computer
  5. Trying to upload from a different network

NOTE: Please contact support if you are still receiving an Upload Error. If your computer's clock does not match the timezone you are in, this could cause a generic "Upload Error." Adjusting the clock to match your timezone could resolve the issue.

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