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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 04:19PM EST
All streaming content on MediaSilo is .mp4 proxies with an .h264 codec. The bit rate will not exceed 4 MB/s or a frame size of 720p, for the highest quality playback experience.

We require at least 1 Audio Channel and no more than 8 Audio Channels in a single stream to generate a proxy. Audio will be mixed down to a maximum of 2 channels with an AAC codec and 48000 Hz sample rate.

Loading times and playback will depend on the File Size and the local Network's bandwidth. If a file is not playing back, be sure to test the following:

1) The file still does not play back after being hard-wired in to a strong ethernet connection

‚Äč2) The file still does not play back after clearing your browser's cache or entering a Private/Incognito window

3) An extension or plugin on your browser is not preventing the video player from loading properly

4) The file does not play back across multiple, up-to-date browsers

If you still cannot play a file back after testing these, the source video file most likely did not generate a Proxy file for streaming because it did not meet our upload file specifications.

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