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Disabling and Deleting Users

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2016 08:25AM EDT

Project Owners can Remove Users from Projects, but only Administrators can Delete or Disable Users on an Account

Deleting a User or Multiple Users:
Select a User or multiple Users in the Users panel in the Administration tab, then select the Actions button and select Delete at the bottom of the dropdown menu.



Disabling a User:

In Actions dropdown, Account Administrators can manually Change their users' Status to Disabled which will prevent user login until manually reactivated by an Administrator.

Disabled users will appear in red on the Admin User list.

​Setting a User Lockout Timespan:

In Administration > Settings > User Login, Administrators have the option to set a lockout timespan in a certain number of days. Users who do not log into the account within the specified number of days will be Disabled and an Account Administrator will need to manually set their status back to Active.

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