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Updating QuickLinks

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2016 01:23PM EDT

Administrators have access to all QuickLinks sent from their account in the QuickLink panel. Users will need the External Sharing permission to add new files to existing QuickLinks.

All QuickLinks sent from your account live in the QuickLink panel on the left side menu and can be filtered by Name or URL:

Select the Edit icon of the QuickLink you wish to update:

This will open the QuickLink Wizard. After making any necessary changes to settings, including removing or adding new files and recipients or extending the expiration date, hit "Save" and the QuickLink will update immediately.

Add Files: 
Drag and drop new files over the QuickLink:

Remove Files:
Select the Grid Icon to re-order or remove files from the QuickLink


Be sure to hit "Save" after making any changes in the QuickLink Wizard for your updates to be remembered.

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