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MediaSilo Mobile App Overview

Last Updated: Jul 13, 2016 09:18AM EDT
The MediaSilo Mobile app is available in the App Store. This app allows you to interact with your MediaSilo account from your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone.

Home View:
Tap the Menu icon to pull up the menu, where you can navigate your assets by Search, Projects, or Recent Uploads. Within the app, you can also designate Favorites or download files for Offline viewing.


In the Preferences menu of the MediaSilo iPad and iPhone apps, you'll find three options: 
  • Reset Pin
  • Remember Credentials
  • Require PIN.

Requiring a PIN allows you to create a device-specific Personal Identification Number for your MediaSilo App. That means that any time you open the app, you will be prompted to enter your PIN. This is the most secure option, so if your device is lost or stolen, nobody but you will be able to access your MediaSilo account.  
Quick Buttons:
From the home view, you can quickly access the QuickLink, Download and Favorite buttons. Just slide an asset thumbnail to the right to reveal the quick buttons.

Detail View:
Tap on an asset thumbnail in the home view to examine the asset in detail view. From the detail view, video can be sent to an AppleTV via AirPlay. You can also use the radial menu in the upper right corner to access functionality. 


Radial Menu:

Tap on the radial menu button to reveal the functions contained within it:
 see file Info (default)
 Favorite the clip
 Download the file for Offline Viewing
 send a QuickLink
 access and write Comments

Send QuickLinks:

All QuickLinks sent from the mobile app have a "Public" privacy setting.

If you hit the QuickLink button in the radial menu or quick buttons, the MediaSilo app will ask you to select your QuickLink settings (Allow Download, Allow Feedback, Allow Metadata, and Notify by Email). Hit Send to draft an editable email from the default address on your device, which contains a brief text QuickLink. This link can be viewed from a user on any device. 



When you hit the Comment button, you will be shown all the public comments made on the asset. If you click the Review button, you will be able to add comments to your asset. In Review Mode, you can click on the timer icon to peg your comment to the current timecode in the video.

Downloading for Offline Viewing:

You can download videos and images from MediaSilo to review offline.  This is great for bringing work with you while on an airplane or away from reliable wireless connections.  

There are two ways you can download an asset.

You can go to the detail view and choose Download from the radial menu, or in the home view you can slide a tile to reveal the Quick Buttons and choose Download.


Both the iPhone and iPad apps also offer the ability to download directly from the file itself, by sliding to the right and revealing Quick Buttons:

The asset will display an orange progress bar on your tile as your download proceeds, and the orange highlight remains to mark any assets that are available offline.

To remove assets from your device, the download button will have been replaced with a delete button, which will clear it from your device.

NOTE: Within MediaSilo, Administrators have the option to Disable Mobile Apps for all Users on the Account

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