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Ordering Transcripts

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 04:12PM EST

Users will need Order Transcript permissions on a Project in order to Order a Transcript

With MediaSilo's transcription service, you can send a video with English language dialog to be transcribed, and receive a transcript you can work with in MediaSilo.

You can order a plain-text transcript, or one that is dynamically linked to the timecode of your video. Both types of transcripts can be searched within MediaSilo, and a timecoded transcript can also be used to navigate your video.

To Order a Transcript:

  • Select your video. Please check to make sure that all dialog is audible and in English.

  • Right-click or select the ellipses button on the bottom of the asset  and choose Transcribe from the Action Menu


  • When the transcription wizard opens, select your transcript format (timecode or plain text) and turnaround time (3-5 business day regular, 1 business day rush service), then click Next



  • Confirm that requested files and quoted amount are both correct, then click Next.

  • Include any special instructions or notes for the transcriber. If you identify your speaker names in sequence (e.g. Speaker 1 = Alex, Speaker 2 = Billy), this will be reflected in your finished transcript. 

  • Optionally, you can add a reference field to identify this order for you. We will not make any use of this reference field, but it will appear on the receipt that your account owner generates in the Billing tab.

  • Click Submit. The order will now appear as Pending in your Transcript Service Panel (located in the right hand panel with the transcription icon.‚Äč


Transcript Service Panel:
The Transcript Service Panel is where you can view the status of existing orders. In this pod, you can view the lists of your pending and completed orders. The gear allows you to bring up the search filter or refresh the panel. You can also drag and drop files to the panel to initiate a transcript order.

Transcripts are billed on demand to the credit card on file with your MediaSilo account. You can generate a receipt for transcript orders in the Billing Tab. We are not able to issue refunds for transcripts that are refused for being inaudible or in a language other than English, so please listen to your files before sending your transcript order.


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