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Using a Third-Party FTP Client

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 04:00PM EST
You can use 3rd party FTP software clients (Cyberduck, Filezilla, Transmit, etc) to upload to MediaSilo. We also support FTPS using TLS.

As with all FTP transfers, you are limited only by your local connection and the limitations inherent in the FTP protocol. Speed is entirely dependent on available bandwidth and latency from your geographic location, and can therefore vary greatly. This is out of our control and can vary from as little as 200 kbps or less to as high as 6 mbps. 

With a stable connection, you should be able to get 4GB or larger files transported. We cannot accept folders containing assets — only the assets themselves, but you can select multiple files at once or use a "select all" key-command to upload a group of files at once.

NOTE: Our FTP is a catch server and the "Remote" directory reflects the root project folders within MediaSilo that you have access to. Your files only stay on the catch server for a few minutes before being copied off into our system. DO NOT modify or create folders from the 3rd party side, as they will not exist in MediaSilo (nor any assets you've uploaded into them). If you are concerned if a file is successful, simply go to your MediaSilo account to check. 

Basic File Specifications
  • Don't use special characters (such as quotes, ampersands, etc.) in the filename.
  • Don't use double spaces in the filename.
  • Make sure the file has a valid extension, such as .mov, .avi, etc.
  • Don't try to upload folders (unless archived as a .zip).
  • For more detailed file specifications, click here.

Setting Preferences
  1. We suggest for larger files that your client be in Active mode
  2. Queue uploads for maximum performance, only allow 1 connection at a time, this is faster then trying to upload multiple files simultaneously 
  3. Make sure Ports 40,000 to 50,000 are unblocked for transport verification
  4. If you are using a FTP proxy to get through a firewall make sure it is configured correctly
  5. File names should have no spaces or apostrophes
  6. Never upload to the root directory, always upload to a specific project.
  7. Check to make sure your file type is an accepted format. Files not listed will be deleted from the FTP and will not go into MediaSilo. For example, we will not ingest executable files (.exe). Any file placed in a .zip can be uploaded.
  8. Be sure your Connection Timeout is disabled
Upload Credentials
  • Host:    
  • Username:   Combine your username and hostname as one word, example:  
  •                         Username: Bob
  •                         Hostname:  
  •                         FTP username:  bobmycompany
  • Password:    Remains the same password as your MediaSilo log in.
  • Port:               21

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