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Upload File Specifications

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 03:59PM EST
To best fit into your workflow, MediaSilo does not have specific upload file specifications. Instead, we support a wide range of file types and codecs, and have just a few guidelines for making sure your file will preview correctly within MediaSilo: 
  • File names must have a supported extension. Click here for a list of supported extensions.
  • File names can contain only supported characters--which are letters, numbers, single spaces, dashes and underscores. The browser uploader will automatically check for a valid extension and filename before upload; unfortunately, FTP clients are unable to do so and must rely on users' diligence.
  • Video and audio files must have at least 1 channel of audio. Any audio channels beyond the second will be mixed down to 2 channels; having zero audio channels or more than 8 channels within a single audio stream will not generate a preview.
  • Anamorphic videos will not be un-squeezed, and will need to be converted to 1:1 square pixels PAR before upload.
  • Content must be uploaded as individual files. Folders cannot be uploaded, unless archived as a .zip file.

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