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Searching Your Media

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 03:53PM EST

Searching is an easy way to locate any asset within MediaSilo. We have both a single-entry Quick Search, Advanced Search, and a highly specific Facet Search to make it easy for you to find the assets you're looking for. Your searches can also be Saved.

Quick Search:
A Quick Search will search for your query in the Name, Title, Description, Tags, Uploaded by, and Metadata for all of your assets.


You can choose to open the folder a search result lives in. Simply select the file and choose the "Open in folder" link in the Info Panel on the right.

Advanced Search:
Selecting the Filter Icon in the left-side panel within projects opens Advanced Search.

These searches may be performed within a single project, or globally through the Recent Uploads view.

You can place precise parameters on the search in 14 different categories, including Title, Duration, Size, Dimensions, and Metadata. Add or remove those parameters by simply checking and unchecking them.

Filtering with Facets:
Within your project, select the funnel icon on the left hand panel to see your Facets. The Facets option will give you the ability to filter files by Tags, User that performed the Upload, and File Type.


If you select the Gear Icon to the right of each Facet, you can also filter your Facets Alphabetically or by Count.



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