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Commenting on Assets

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 03:49PM EST

Users will need View and Comment permissions to Comment on Assets, and QuickLinks will need to have Commenting enabled.

Below the Media Player, users can Add Comments to an asset.

In the Comments Panel, users can Reply to others' Comments, or Add, Delete and Edit their own comments.

For audio and video assets, the Comments will be time-stamped.

If an asset is a document, image, or zip file, the Comments Panel will allow a threaded conversation.

To Make Time-coded Comments on Video or Audio Files:
  • When in the Media Player, click to play clip. You can also hit the space bar on your keyboard to play and pause the video

  • When you are ready to leave a comment on the timeline, hit the "C" key on your keyboard to comment on the asset as it continues to play, or "P" to pause the video and start a new comment.

  • You can also leave a new comment by clicking "Add" in the Comments Panel.

  • Type your comment in the comment box, hit Save.  


Once comments have been entered on an asset, you can click on the timecode to jump to that point in the video. You can also enter a timecode manually on your comments to set a comment at a specific time without navigating the video.

Exporting and Sorting Comments:
  • Export comments thread as Avid TXT, CSV, or XLS file as well as Reply to, Edit, and Delete Comments
  • Sort comments by timecode, or chronologically by when the comments were left



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