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Tracking Your QuickLinks

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2016 11:09AM EDT

Creators of a QuickLink and Administrators on the Account can track their QuickLink Analytics

Once your QuickLink is created, it will appear in QuickLinks Panel on the left.

It is possible to see a broad overview of all activity relating to your QuickLink. Go to the QuickLinks Panel, and select the View Stats icon.


This will take you to a time-ordered list of all views, comments, and downloads from your QuickLink, along with a record of each interacting user’s profile and geographic location and a list of All Recipients on the righthand side.


QuickLink Creators and Admins can also see the Send History, when the QuickLink was emailed from MediaSilo, by re-opening the QuickLink Wizard to Edit or View current Settings:


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