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QuickLink Settings

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2016 04:45PM EST

The Settings of the last QuickLink sent out will be remembered and applied to your next QuickLink, except for Public with Password settings. You will be prompted to enter a new Password for each new QuickLink.

If your account has SafeStream enabled, please see our documentation on Sending Watermarked QuickLinks.


Access Settings:

  • Public means your QuickLink is visible to any recipient
  • Private restricts access to MediaSilo users entered in "Recipients"
  • Public with Password requires recipients to enter a Password to view the QuickLink

Set an expiration date for your QuickLink – use this to set a date beyond which your QuickLink will no longer be valid. Once your QuickLink has expired, no one will be able to view it.


Settings Menu:
“Allow Download” creates a download button (indicated by a down arrow) beneath every asset in the gallery view and to the right of every asset when they are viewing it. This will give your recipients access to the original source file, exactly as it was first uploaded to your MediaSilo.

“Allow comments” permits recipients to make comments on any asset they’re viewing. The comments will be pinned to timecode, and tied to the commenter’s MediaSilo user profile, or an email address, Facebook profile, or Google+ profile provided by the commenter. These comments can be exported as XLS, CSV, or TXT files; if you are a user of Avid Media Composer, the TXT file can be imported into your Avid timeline as comment markers.

“View Notifications” will send you a notification email from every time anyone views the QuickLink you’ve created. Included in the notification email will be the viewer’s IP address, the date and time that the individual viewed the QuickLink, and a map of the viewer’s approximate geographic location.


“Show metadata” creates an “i” (information) button to the right of the asset that will allow the recipient to see all of the metadata that was attached to the file upon upload:



Order of Your Assets:
Each QuickLink’s assets live in the grid icon on the leftside. This is the order in which recipients will see your files in the gallery view, so if you want to change this, drag and drop the clips  in the Wizard to change their order in the series. The order of the assets will default to the order you see them in your Browser window.


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