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Send a QuickLink

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 03:44PM EST

Users must have Sharing permissions on a Project in order to Share files from that Project. If your account has SafeStream enabled, please see our documentation on Sending Watermarked QuickLinks.

Select which assets you'd like to share and then select the “Share” icon over one of the thumbnails. 



This opens the QuickLink Wizard:
  • Enter your recipients and be sure to hit the "enter" key after each email address
  • You will see users surrounded with a blue box and non-users surrounded with a white box.
  • Users registered with the MediaSilo GO app with have a phone icon next to their name.

QuickLink Privacy Settings:

  • Select Change Access to make your QuickLink Public, Public with password, or Only named users
  • Only named users must have a Mediasilo account and be entered in to recipients box for links to work
  • Select Settings to change QuickLink Settings (Allow download, Allow commenting, View notifications, etc)


Select the Grid Icon on the left side, to reorder files

What Your Recipients Receive:
Your recipients will receive an email like this with any custom graphics you have added:



Once they select the "Click Here to Open" link or any of the thumbnails, they will be brought to a simple, branded landing page that will allow them to peruse your assets within the settings provided. 


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