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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 04:05PM EST

All Users are assigned Roles on projects, which allows them a certain set of permissions within that project. In Administration, select the Roles icon to open the Roles Panel. Here you will see MediaSilo's 5 preset roles. To edit any of the preset roles, select the gear icon to the right of the Role and select Edit.


To change the Role's permissions you can add or remove permissions and select 'Save' update the changes made. 

To create a new role, click Add Role.


Be sure to enter a name and description, and then choose which permissions you would like this Role to have enabled. Hit 'Save' and you will now have a newly created Role.

Assigning Users Roles on Projects:
To assign and manage which roles your users have on projects, go to the Users panel within the Administration page. 

Assign and manage the User or Project Manager's project access (access is global for administrators), with the appropriate role for each in the Project Panel on the right.

Security Options for Sharing: 
With QuickLinks you can decide whether someone needs a mediasilo account or a password to access your link as well as limit who can download your assets. This is done through the QuickLinks Wizard.

Administrators and users who create a QuickLink can also track who has viewed their quicklinks. 

In the QuickLinks panel, you will see all the QuickLinks you’ve ever sent. Select "View Stats" and you will see all the analytics of the QuickLink as well as where your QuickLink was viewed geographically.


In addition to controlling user permissions and sharing settings, MediaSilo is the only company in the industry to offer on-demand watermarking with our new SafeStream technology.

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