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Add Your Team

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 03:39PM EST

To Add Users, you must either be an Administrator or a Project Owner.

Select a Project, and in the User Panel on the right side, select the Add user button


Creating a New User:
Once you select Add User, you will be prompted to select an existing User that has access to the account or enter an e-mail address to invite a new User that is not currently on the account.

Next, select the Role for the User - if you are unsure about what role you would like to assign, you can check this on the 
Roles page of Administration.

Finally, select the
Add user button.

Existing Users on the account will be added to the project instantly.

New Users that are not currently on the account will receive an email that will allow them to set their own username and password.

Editing a User:
To edit a user's permissions on a project, hover over their name and select the "Edit" icon to the right of their name. 

Now you can change the User's role and select Save and you can also Remove the User.

If you are an Administrator looking for more information on User Management, go here.

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